Years of intensive structural and architectural design are attributed to some of the breath-taking structures erected for the London 2012 Olympics. Now the firms and individuals, who helped to shape a lifelong legacy in aid of the 2012 games, have been celebrated in a short film aptly named ‘Designing for Champions’.

The film was spawned from the original campaign in early 2012 to lift the ban on rules for firms who were not allowed to promote the work that contributed to the incredible success of the London 2012 Olympics. The ban has now been lifted.

The campaign emphasised the frustration within the industry by those left ‘gagged’ by the barriers holding back this tremendous opportunity to showcase their contribution. The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), and New London Architecture joined the cause and took action in the summer of 2012, initiating a ‘DROPTHEBAN’ protest at RIBA headquarters and commissioning the film as a way to advocate many of the Games’ unsung heroes.

The film’s premier will be held at this year’s Ecobuild event in London at 11am on Tuesday 5 March. The 8 minute short film will also feature at the international property event MIPIN in Cannes at Tuesday 12 March at 4pm, a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the very best of British building to the international community.
‘Designing for Champions’ was mainly shot on location in September 2012 at the Olympic Park during the Paralympic games. It highlights five temporary and permanent buildings and interviews the architects and structural engineers involved.

Designing for Champions film can be viewed at on 6 March 2013