Soprem linear strip accumulators from Shear-Form Machine Tools Ltd, Coventry, UK can increase productivity and reduce downtimes in coil strip processing production.

The sheet metal and plate working machinery supplier is the only UK representative for Swiss coil processing equipment manufacturer Soprem Automation.

The system comprises 2x1000kg decoilers, a strip end welding machine and a strip accumulator with multiple 5m high linear strip loops including a powered pulling roll unit with loop control at the outlet end. It can handle strip up to 120m long x 250mm wide, from 0.2–1.2mm in thickness, operating at a maximum 40m/min speed.

The accumulator feeds the strip into the on-going processing equipment without any interruptions even during coil changeovers. It has fixed lower diverting rolls and adjustable upper rolls, which are moved to the upper starting position by vector drive. A powered roll feeding unit with loop control in a linear and vertical moving scanning unit ensures a continuous flow while at the same time maintaining a constant strip pull.

Available options include systems with larger or smaller accumulating capacity, de-coilers with different loading capacities and other strip profiles and systems to fit special space requirements by using strip diversion systems.