Indirect trade (steel containing goods) from China to Latin America was valued at 45.602M in 2012, representing 7% of Chinese exports to the world.

Moreover, in Latin America this figure was 11% higher than it was in 2011 ($41.022M).

During 2012, the main imports from China were cars and commercial vehicles ($6.880M), office machines ($6.69M) and machines and equipment ($5.416M). The sum of these three categories represents 42% of indirect steel trade from China to the region. Steel containing goods which increased most between 2012 and 2011 were railways (+364%), cans and metal packing boxes (+139%) and boilers and steam generators (+131%).

The countries which received most imports of steel containing goods from China in 2012 were Brazil ($11.293M), México ($9.007M) and Venezuela ($4.607M). These countries represented 55% of the indirect trade flow from China to the region. In 2012 the Latin American countries that most increased their imports of steel containing goods from China, were Venezuela (+48%), Mexico (+19%) and Chile (+17%).

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