Testing high speed, rotational machinery is now a simpler process with Brüel & Kjær’s new Laser Tacho Probe, Type MM-0360.

It is a small, robust IP64-rated probe designed for performing contact-free measurements on rotating or reciprocating machine parts.

The MM-0360 works by producing a voltage pulse from each turn of a shaft or cylinder. The probe is positioned to allow its visible laser beam to face the test object, on to which a small strip of self-adhesive retro-reflective tape is attached.

This reflective tape then backscatters the laser energy to a receiver that converts it to a jitter-free signal, suitable for a measurement or recording system.

The use of reflective tape means the probe can be positioned up to 70cm (27'') away from test objects, allowing engineers to be at a safer distance when testing high-speed machinery.

The unit’s compact size also makes it ideal for accessing machine parts contained within restricted areas.

The MM-0360 can operate at rotational speeds of up to 300,000 RPM, enough for supercharger measurements, as well as low-speed measurements to 0 RPM (dependent on analysis system) for wind turbine and ship propulsion applications.

For more information visit: www.bksv.co.uk