LanzaTech has received a US$3M contract from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to accelerate commercial availability of the next generation of alternative aviation fuel.

LanzaTech's unique, clean energy technology enables low cost production of sustainable alcohols and chemicals from waste gas resources that are completely outside the food value chain.

CO from BOS gas, for example, has been used in trials at New Zealand Steel and the process is also being investigated with LanzaTech by Shougang and Boasteel in China, Mitsui in Japan, Posco in S Korea and Jindal Steel & Power in India.

The process is described in an article downloadable from the Steel Times website at:

In the jet fuel project, the alcohols produced are then converted, using technology from LanzaTech’s partner Swedish Biofuels, to jet fuel that is fully equivalent to petroleum jet fuel, or that can be blended with petroleum.

The jet fuel project will use heavy industry gases and synthesis gas derived from lignin, a by-product of cellulosic ethanol. The use of lignin opens up a new biomass waste stream for making economic jet fuel.

A key goal of the project is to produce 100+ gallons of alternative jet fuel for testing by the US Air Force Research Laboratory. Test data will be used as part the certification process for alcohol to jet (ATJ) fuels.
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