Indirect trade between China and Latin America was 15% higher in the period January to October 2012 compared to the same period of 2011. In these ten months, Latin America represented 7% of all Chinese exports of steel containing goods and reached a value of US$38.018M compared to $33.073M in the same period 2011.

The most imported products during that period were cars and commercial vehicles (S5.754M), office machines ($5.541M) and machines and equipment (4.533M). These three categories accounted for 42% of Chinese indirect steel trade exports to the region.

In October 2012 the trade flow of steel containing products between China and Latin America was $3.513M.
During this month, countries that showed the highest inflows of steel containing products were Brazil ($825M) and Mexico ($763M). Together, these countries represented 45% of regional imports from China.