Stephen Kinnock MP for Aberavon, South Wales, has responded to reports that Tata Steel is rushing to close the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) in order to avoid a £60 million payment that is due into the scheme.

“It is an absolute disgrace if these reports are true,” he said, adding that Tata has not only legal, but also moral and social responsibilities to the members of the BSPS as well as the workforce across the UK.

“To seek to escape those responsibilities and avoid their obligations, by exploiting a technicality, is not only a slap in the face to the workers and pensioners who have sought to work with the company to find a resolution, but it should trouble us all,” Kinnock said.

“For this news to leak out in the manner that it has, threatens to fracture the trust upon which these negotiations have been based.

“I hope that Tata will now stand by its obligations to pensioners and steelworkers and comes out to disown these deeply troubling reports in the strongest possible terms,” he concluded.