A Siemens VAI Metals Technologies cooperation has secured a Corex gas-based Midrex direct reduction plant contract from JSW Projects Ltd.

The contract is for the engineering and supply of a Corex gas-based Midrex direct-reduction (DR) dual-discharge plant.

The new facility, which will have a nominal production capacity of 1.2Mt/y of hot and cold direct-reduced iron, will be built at JSW Steel in Vijayanagar, Toranagallu, Karnataka State, India. Start-up of the new facility is scheduled for mid-2013.

At JSW Steel two Corex C-2000 modules (nominal production capacity of 2400t/day of hot metal) have been in operation since 1999.

The Corex export gas has been used for the generation of electrical energy in a company-owned power station. Due to the increased demand for steel in India, JSW decided to use the gas for the production of additional iron. An order was placed for a Corex gas-based Midrex DR plant, which will be supplied by a cooperation comprising of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies; Linde Engineering and Midrex Technologies,

The project includes process engineering; the supply of equipment, electrics and automation; supervision of erection, start-up and commissioning; and training services.

The DR plant will consist of a 7.15m-diameter Midrex Shaft Furnace with gas-recycling and treatment facilities.