The World Steel Association (worldsteel) welcomes the publication of an ISO standard that defines a calculation method of carbon dioxide emission intensity from iron and steel production.

The standard is based on the CO2 data collection methodology that has been used for the past five years in the steel industry.

Launched in 2007, the CO2 data collection programme aims to provide steel producers with a reliable benchmark for their emissions of the gas. The number of participating organizations has steadily increased since launch, from 38 companies in 2007 to 51 in 2011, representing more than 200 steel plants worldwide.

As part of this initiative the ‘Climate Action Program’, consisting of 33 organisations in the steel industry –Alacero among them − have reported data on their emissions from the start.

The ISO standard is available for two categories of the steel-making processes; Part 1 (ISO 14404-1) for steel plants with blast furnaces and Part 2 (ISO 14404-2) for steel plants with electric arc furnaces.

They are now available for purchase at the ISO website: