The Indonesian Trade Ministry has submitted its recommendation to the Finance Ministry for the imposition of up to 74% anti-dumping duties on imported cold rolled coil and cold rolled sheet to protect the local industry from unfair practices.

In the recommendation, as requested by the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Commission (KADI), the Trade Ministry has proposed an anti-dumping duty for producers from five countries: China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The lowest import duty of 5.9% will be levied on SYNN Industrial of Taiwan, while the highest tariff of 74% will fall on several Chinese companies such as Strip Co. Ltd.

Based on its investigation, KADI found strong evidence to support the allegation that imported cold rolled coil and sheet are dumped onto the local market, causing injury to the petitioner.

Abridged from Daily ‘The Jakarta Post’, Jakarta; 17 Jan 2013