How much electricity did India generate in 2009/10 (763bn kWh), how many automobile did it build (14.03M), how did it become the world’s leader in sponge iron production (22.0Mt) and how much steel did it consume (59.9Mt)?

These, and many more, are the facts that can be found in the Steel Scenario Yearbook 2010 which includes statistics on Indian industrial production to financial year 2009-10 where available or calendar year 2009, along with recent earlier annual data for comparison.

The 98-page publication contains some 139 Tables and charts, of which around 95 relate to Indian statistics and the remainder to the rest of the world.

Tables cover India’s present and past economic situation, so that trends can be followed, Indian iron and steel statistics, International statistics of production, consumption and imports and exports of steel products.

‘Steel Scenario Yearbook 2010’ is published by Spark Steel & Economy Research Centre (P) Ltd, CG-106, Salt Lake City, Sector II, Kolkata 700091, India. Tel +91 33 2334 0043

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