Hypertherm has added Extreme HyDefinition (XD) technology to the HPR130 and HPR260 plasma cutting systems. It offers more consistent cut quality for longer periods of time, at half the operating cost.

The HPRXD systems come with PowerPierce technology. PowerPierce cuts metal up to 25% thicker while maintaining cut speed, HyDefinition cut quality and consumable life.

The HPRXD systems also have argon capabilities to deliver improved marking, a new 80 amp mild steel bevel process, and Ohmic contact height sensing integrated into the torch.

Better holes are cut through true hole technology. Combined MTC’s ProNest 2010 and true hole enable motion controls like the EDGE Pro CNC and ArcGlide THC, the HPRXD systems automatically produce hole quality better than what has been previously achievable using plasma.

Several product enhancements have been added. A new lead set offers ten times the wear resistance, while a torch sleeve with integrated bearing design enables infinite rotation.

A laser pointer integrated into the torch comes as an optional feature. The torch can be accurately aligned on the centerline axis for visual feedback for programming and robot alignment.

Its product line includes handheld/mechanised plasma systems and consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls.