Danieli has started up the world's largest EAF at Tokyo Steel, Tahara Plant, close to Nagoya City, Japan.

The new facility includes a 420t twin-electrode DC EAF fed with scrap by a continuous charge system and equipment and auxiliary services needed to produce up to 2.6 Mt/y of steel.

A corresponding-size ladle furnace and a twin vacuum system, installed in the same single-bay meltshop, will assure the production of low- and ultra-low carbon and Al-killed steel grades.

A fume-treatment plant has also been supplied to comply with environmental requirements.

Process and operational results will be also achieved thanks to a Danieli full automation system based on LF1 and LF2, which will guarantee automatic process setting and control for the new EAF, LF, VD, and FTP.

The technological solutions were selected by Tokyo Steel to achieve efficient operating results with low manpower and energy consumption.