China’s Huaigang Special Steel (HSS) has placed an order with the German company Friedrich Kocks to upgrade its rod and bar mill.

A Kocks 3-roll Reducing & Sizing Block will be installed to improve product quality.

The reducing and sizing block is built to operate with four 3-roll stands and a nominal roll diameter of 215mm.

It will be implemented as finishing block in the 600kt/y rolling mill behind an existing ten-year-old Danieli Morgårdshammar roughing and intermediate mill consisting of 18 2-high HV stands.

The 3-roll block will roll straight bars from 13.0mm to 22.0mm on to the cooling bed. The RSB allows rolling out of only one pass series from the roughing and intermediate mill and thus significantly reduces the number of required feeders. Any desired finished dimension of the complete dimensional range can be produced in any sequence with a minimum number of roll sets and just a few stand changes.

The optimum adjustment values for motor speed, rolls and guides as well as gear steps are calculated by the bar mill configuration system Bamicon in relation to the final product.

Huaigang is based in Huaiían, a megacity with roughly five million residents in the Jiangsu province. HSS has 6000 employees and production of 2.8Mt/y. It is a supplier of spring steel for the automotive industry and for high-speed trains.