Chinese group Tianjin Pipe Corporation and German company Badische Stahl-Engineering Germany (BSE) have signed a contract for the revamping of a 150t EAF in Tianjin.

The project includes optimising the shell size, modifying the tilting platform and gantry, new current conducting electrode arms with columns and the implementation of a new hydraulic system and a new electrode regulation system to optimise furnace movements.

BSE will deliver engineering and hardware parts for the EAF, which was commissioned in 1991. Most parts will be manufactured locally such as the roof, shell, gantry and furnace superstructure.

The key aluminium current conducting electrode arm, electrode regulation system and hydraulic power pack will be supplied by BSE. The EAF was originally designed for production of 600kt/y but has been increased to its current 1.2Mt/y. Capacity will be 1.4Mt/y after the current revamp.

The new furnace will be designed to tap 150t of liquid steel in a two basket operation with sufficient hot heel. Surrounding space limitations will be taken in account to achieve optimal furnace dimensions. The elbow will be modified in order to avoid repair and maintenance work during the EAF operation. The first heat is scheduled for end of October 2010.