Gallatin Steel, Warsaw, Kentucky, USA has is to replace the existing electro-mechanical mould oscillation system for a hydraulic driven system.

The installation is part of Gallatin’s continuing efforts to enhance product quality, improve operational flexibility and reduce maintenance costs.

The four-cylinder oscillator facilitates precise movements of the oscillation table and eliminates the need to synchronize multiple eccentrics that can lead to misalignment or the mould table wobbling. The design was developed by SMS Siemag as a replacement option for both CSP (Compact Strip Production) and conventional casting machines, especially for space-limited applications. At several reference installations, the simultaneous optimization of stroke and frequency parameters has achieved reliable production at a high product quality.

SMS Siemag will provide the engineering and supply of the complete mechanical, hydraulic and X-Pact® automation systems. Associated spare parts and maintenance equipment are included, along with basic engineering for the infrastructural changes necessary to incorporate the new design and an improved steam evacuation system. Prior to shipment, the entire oscillation system is scheduled to be shop-tested through the complete stroke and frequency range, to streamline start-up and commissioning.

Commissioning is scheduled to take place in the second half of 2013.

Gallatin Steel operates a single-strand CSP facility, which started up in 1995