UK based Sheffield Forgemasters has secured a contract worth £3M with the country’s largest steel company, Severstal.

The multimillion pound deal is for a range of work and back-up rolls which will be supplied to the Russian steel plant in Cherepovets, north-western Russia. The finished components, which can weigh up to 35 tonnes, will be used in cold rolling mills. The contract forms part of a three year development of business between Sheffield Forgemasters International Limited and Severstal which is worth £15.5m in total.

Forgemasters first began working with Severstal in 1999 and in that 13 years now supply more forged steel rolls to the steelmaker than any other roll manufacturer.

The rolls will be produced using specialist techniques including forging each steel ingot and heat treatment – a process that exposes the rolls to temperatures from +940 degrees to -40ºC to create highly specific hardness properties and remove any retained austenite from the steel. The rolls are then machine finished to within 0.05mm using computer controlled machine tools.

SFIL specialises in a broad range of heavy forged and cast steel products as well as supplying ingot and bar.