Perfiles y Herrajes, L.M. S.A. de C.V., Mexico’s leading producer of tubes and profiles, has approached the French company Fives and ordered the design and supply of an OTO tube mill for the production of mechanical and structural tubes.

According to Fives, the OTO 3’’ tube mill has an output capacity of 3,000 tons per month with two shifts per day. It was successfully commissioned in February 2016, with the first tube coming off the mill in just 50 days from the beginning of the installation.

Perfiles y Herrajes has previously installed three other OTO tube mills, in recent years.

Productos Laminados De Monterrey, S.A. de C.V. (Prolamsa), a leader in the manufacture of carbon steel tubes and components in Mexico, has awarded Fives an order for the design and manufacture of a heavy-duty tube mill for an automotive application. The OTO 3 ½” heavy-duty tube mill will be designed to produce mother tubes which are to be scarfed inside for further 'Drawn over Mandrel' (DOM) process. The DOM process allows for a tube to achieve a very precise tolerance required for automotive and hydraulic applications, Fives claims.

The OTO heavy-duty mill features a high diameter-to-thickness ratio, as well as it has a very tight tolerance in diameter in order to comply with the rigid standards of auto-parts manufacturers. The tube mill was commissioned in summer 2016.

Fives has been designing and manufacturing OTO tube mills and other equipment for the tube industry at its industrial plant in Boretto (Italy) for almost 40 years.