On 30 June 2018, Fives was contracted for a number of cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steel grades to be designed and supplied to China.

Fuxin Special Steel Company of Taiwan entrusted Fives with the contract for coil preparation lines and cold rolling mills for stainless steel production in the Fujian province of China. Fuxin Special Steel has decided to expand its cold rolling workshop in order to produce added value final products. The company chose Fives to design, manufacture, supply and commission two coil preparation lines (CPL) and three DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills (CRM), each with a 110kt/yr capacity.

According to Fives Group, the two CPLs aim to make the most of the rolling mills and optimise productivity by removing hot strip tail ends, trimming crack formations and applying leader strips. The cold rolling mills are essential to reduce strip thickness while guaranteeing strip surface quality. Fives will supply the newest generation of DMS 20Hi CRM with the latest improvements: advanced roll gap lubrication and strip cooling technology, an improved flatness control system, enhanced safety, and easier maintenance. Strip surface quality is improved thanks to the optimised lubrication of roll bite.

Separately, Wisdri (Xinyu) Cold Processing Engineering Company of China, a joint venture between Wisdri and Xinyu Iron & Steel, contracted Fives to design and supply a cold rolling mill to process non-grain oriented (NGO) silicon steel, mainly for the automotive industry. Electrical steel is tailored to produce specific magnetic properties, resulting in low power loss per cycle, low core loss, and high permeability.

For the Wisdri project, Fives will design, manufacture and supply a DMS 20Hi cold rolling mill with an annual capacity of 100kt to process NGO high grade 210. The mill is intended for a very demanding application: electric car motors that require extremely high quality. The lead time for the project is also very short: the first coil is to be processed by year end 2019.

The coil preparation lines, as well as CRM auxiliary equipment, will be fabricated in China by a Fives’ subsidiary in Shanghai, while the critical parts of the cold rolling mills will be designed and manufactured in Fives’ workshop in Lille, France.

Fives has been specialising in cold rolling mill design and manufacturing for stainless and silicon steels for more than 60 years, and has supplied more than 100 cold rolling mills and processing lines worldwide.