OCTG demand is strong at the moment thanks to high oil and gas prices and increased exploration budgets. As a result a quantity of the new capacity is being built in the Americas to meet expected demand.

The global OCTG markets are continuing to show strong demand levels despite growing uncertainty in the current steel markets coupled with recent instability and unrest in the MENA region.

The investment in new capacity is expected to grow due to high demand and rising oil and gas prices.

Metal Bulletin Research’s, ‘The Five Year Outlook for the Global OCTG Industry’ provides an insightful market study including a country by country analysis of OCTG supply, demand and pricing trends. It includes:

• Medium-term forecast for price out to 2016;
• Supply and demand balance;
• Details of production for welded and seamless OCTG by country;
• Trade analysis for OCTG by country;
• Global and regional analysis;
• Comprehensive detail on supply including product range;
• Detailed discussion on the industry competitive dynamics.

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