Eurofer is organising the first European Steel Day to mark its 35th anniversary.

The European Steel Day will address the main steelmaking issues in a high level conference, an exhibition on innovation in steel, a video presentation and a lunch with panoramic views over Brussels.

For the steel industry in Europe there is one key question: what is the future role of steelmaking in Europe?

The importance of the manufacturing industry for Europe - with the steel industry at its base - has been demonstrated impressively in the aftermath of the economic crisis.

The European steel industry is an integral part of the most important European value chains, providing the foundations of innovation, durability, CO2 reductions and energy savings in applications as varied and vital as automotive, construction, machinery, power generation, renewables equipment, household goods, and medical devices.

The Eurofer General Assembly and Eurofer committee workshops will round up the event, which takes place in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, May 19.