ESTEP has been legally established as an international non-profit organisation under Belgian law.

Klaus Peters, secretary general of the new organisation, announced the news earlier this week.

ESTEP has a proven track record of success over a number of years, during which it has operated under the umbrella of the European Steel Association (EUROFER).

The newly established organisation’s mission is to engage stakeholders in collaborative actions and projects on technology and innovation, tackling EU-wide steel innovation challenges in order to create a sustainable European steel industry. These challenges include digitalisation, fostering a low-carbon future for industry, the circular economy, and resource and energy efficiency.

The 13 founding members are: the European Steel Association (EUROFER), ArcelorMittal Maizières Research, Dillinger, Outokumpu, Tenova, Rina Consulting – CSM, Swerea, Tata Steel Nederland Technology, Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, voestalpine Stahl, VDEh – BFI, Jernkontoret, and Salzgitter.

Italian steel production technology company Tenova and 12 other leading industrial and research stakeholders from the wider steel value chain across Europe, will co-operate to implement solutions for and in the EU steel industry under a newly independent entity, the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) AISBL.

Tenova’s CEO Andreas Lovato commented: “We decided to be a founding member of ESTEP because we believe that Tenova, as a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions, can bring a valid contribution to the attainment of the new organisation’s strategic mission. Collaboration among multiple stakeholders creates synergies to further step up the efforts towards a sustainable EU steel industry”, he said.

Tenova’s strong commitment to support ESTEP in enhancing innovation and sustainability across the industry was confirmed by the appointment of Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova Metals CEO, to the Board of Directors – together with Axel Eggert (EUROFER), Carl De Maré (ArcelorMittal) and Eva Sundin (Swerea).

“It’s an honour to be granted a seat on the Board. I really appreciate the activities that ESTEP has been carrying on throughout the years and I am confident that Tenova’s commitment and positive attitude at co-operating will be an asset to the organisation”, said Mr Pancaldi.