Over the past 12 months, Emirates Steel has set a new DRI production record. The company has produced 2Mt of high quality direct reduced iron (DRI) operating for more than 8,400 hours (equivalent to 105% net availability) for 315 days non-stop.

According to plant builder Danieli, such a record confirms the reliability of Energiron technology.

Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Steel operates two twin Energiron DRI plants, which are supplied by Danieli on an EPC basis. The plant was originally designed for a nominal capacity of 1.6Mt/yr of hot and cold DRI at 94% metallisation and 2.5% carbon. The first was started in 2009 and the second in 2011.

“Both plants followed a smooth learning curve that resulted in 90% availability in the first three years for plant one and 95% in only two years for plant two,” Danieli explained, adding that both plants were upgraded from 1.6 to 2Mt/yr, reaching 100% stable production in six months.

“Since then Emirates Steel has steadily operated the Energiron plants at their increased nominal capacity of 2Mt/yr, producing high quality hot DRI conveyed to adjacent Danieli EAFs through Hytemp pneumatic transport systems and thus optimising the downstream steelmaking process,” said Danieli.

Energiron is the result of a strategic alliance between Tenova HYL and Danieli designed to ‘competitively serve the direct reduction plants market.