UK vacuum technology group Edwards has won an order worth more than £200k for its steel degassing system in India.

This is the first system of its kind in the country and has been installed at Shyam Forgings in New Delhi.

It is being used to perform Vacuum Oxygen Decarburizing (VOD) in a production environment and offers potential energy cost savings of more than 90% over steam ejector systems.

The single steel degassing module is being used to run the Vacuum Degassing (VD) and VOD processes to produce large degassed and decarburized castings of up to 30t. The customers then use the castings to produce large machinery components for the power generation and industrial markets across Asia.

Both ultra low carbon steels (less than 0.02% carbon by weight) and low carbon stainless steels (< 0.02%) are processed through the VOD system in up to 13t melts for subsequent casing and machining at customers’ facilities.