Italian group Dimeco Alipresse’s has launched its servo electric LinaPunch MC-E coil fed turret punching machine.

The new punching machine has been designed to improve productivity with higher speeds, give more flexibility and reduce energy costs by 50% in high volume sheet metal fabrication, especially in metal furniture and white goods applications.

The main feature of the machine is that only the tools move, which enables a higher punching rate and less energy. The 2 x 20t servo electric punching power is transferred to the ram through a knuckle system for a softer punching action and programmable stroke.

This all electric punching machine, which is controlled by a Dimeco Simostar NC control managing up to 11 programmable servo axis, features x and y positioning axis, 200Kn high speed press drive systems with programmable bottom and upper dead points.

It is designed for coil strip up to 34” wide using one side tool holder and up to 68” using two sides tool holders facing each other.

The machine is being supplied in the UK by Shear-Form Machine Tools, Dimeco Alipresse’s sole UK representative.