Richard P. Teets, retired co-founder and chief operating officer of Steel Dynamics Incorporated (SDI) has been awarded the Steel Manufacturers' Association's Iverson-Selig award.

The award, which is named after Nucor's founder Ken Iverson and Martin Selig, founder of CMC Steel, recognises Mr. Teets' outstanding contribution to the electric steelmaking industry.

The award was presented in Washington DC at the joint Steel Manufacturers Association and American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) Awards Luncheon earlier this week.

Philip K Bell, president of the SMA, said that Dick Teets' contribution to the success of SDI and his impact on the entire steel industry cannot be overstated.

“Throughout his long and pioneering career, Dick has contributed in countless ways to advance the causes and culture that are at the heart of American steelmaking," said Bell, adding that Teets has been a tireless advocate for industry safety, education, mentoring and training of young steel industry professionals.

"He understands that our industry is a wonderful and glorious one that has helped countless businesses serve their customers, shareholders build their wealth, communities build their futures and people build their lives," Bell continued.

On receiving the award,Teets recognised and thanked SDI employees as well as company co-founders Keith Busse and Mark Millett, crediting them for his success in the industry.

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