Continuing its good relationship with Italian steel production technology specialist Danieli, the Vietnamese steelmaker, Hoa Phat, has taken on the company to supply it with four greenfield blast furnaces. Danieli will design, supply and supervise project at the new Dung Quat iron and steelmaking complex in Quang Ngai province.

According to Danieli, the scope of the project 'includes the hot blast mains, bustle mains, tuyere assemblies, level 2 automation systems and pulverised coal injection systems'.

The four blast furnaces will have an 1080m3 working volume and are each designed for an annual production of 1Mt. They will be equipped with Danieli Corus' high conductivity cooling and lining design based on copper plate coolers combined with graphite and silicon carbide refractories. "This is the only design of which the ability to achieve long and stable campaigns is beyond debate," said Danieli, adding that the contract was a major step both for Hoa Phat Steel and the Vietnamese steel industry.

The four furnaces will be completed and commissioned in sequence, with the four being scheduled to deliver hot metal in 2019.