Italian steel manufacturing technology specialist Danieli is to supply Commercial Metals Company (CMC) with a second MiDA (MicroMillDanieli). The new unit, destined for Oklahoma, will mirror the steelmaker’s existing micro mill in Mesa, Arizona but will feature improved technology based on both companies’ experience developing what is regarded as the world’s first micro mill, commissioned in 2009.

The new Oklahoma micro mill will consist of a system for the continuous feeding of scrap into an electric arc furnace (EAF); an AC EAF equipped with advanced technology for automatic and safe operation; a ladle furnace with double ladle, ladle lifting and automatic inert gas hook-up for faster cycles and safer operation; an alloy system; fume treatment; single strand continuous caster; induction furnace; continuous horizontal/vertical rolling mill; a system for quenching and tempering all rebar products to reduce alloy usage in the meltshop; ultra compact finishing end system for cutting rebar products; wire tying machine; and bundle collecting and finishing facilities.

Danieli Automation will supply a complete electrical package, including an automation system for data analysis and reporting. Danieli Service will provide the Danieli Maintenance Management System (DMMS) to manage preventive maintenance, spare parts, personnel, equipment costs and fault analysis, all of which is managed through an integrated system.

Joe Alvarado, chairman, president and CEO of CMC, commented: “The location of the mill in Durant, Oklahoma, 80 miles north of Dallas, Texas, will allow us to better serve a growing North Texas market as well as expand into markets in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Missouri,” he said, adding that the new facility will produce low cost, high quality steel products. “This new micro mill will also complement CMC’s existing recycling and fabrication footprint, enhancing CMC’s ability to further leverage our raw material supply chain and optimise product mix within our existing operations.”

The Oklahoma micro mill will be commissioned in the autumn of 2017.