Bushman AvonTec has developed Coil-Trac, a coil tracking system that tracks slit coils as they pass through each station of a packaging line system.

Coil-Trac is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of each customer and packaging line configuration.

Coil data and customer specifications are manually input as coils enter the packaging line. Many kinds of information can be collected including customer identification, lot numbers, weight, required skid type and spacer patterns.

Coil-Trac facilitates processing decisions and tasks through automation and real time record updates. It provides for transfer of both physical coils and their accompanying data. The operator can view the data on any coil, at any time, at any location.

This new development in Bushman AvonTec’s custom-engineered packaging solutions increases production and lowers maintenance costs.

To receive a free copy of the Coil-Trac brochure send an email to Sales@BushmanAvonTec.com. Copies can also be downloaded from the website at www.BushmanAvonTec.com