Kasto Maschinenbau provides saws, storage and retrieval systems to the metal industry. The company has devised the Kastoflex circular sawing machine series to cut parts with miter angles.

The series is based on a modular machine concept and consists of three models with different options. The heart of the machine is a support table, which can be rotated from left to right. Miter cuts are from +/- 90°, a swivel range of 180° with a fast and

accurate adjustment. Fixed stops are available for straight cuts and for +/- 45°. Additional fixed stops are optional.

The machine enclosure can be opened wide to change the saw blade and access to the work area is facilitated by a large door. HSS-solid steel or HSS-segment saw blades with a diameter of 350-450mm can be used.

The drive is designed to process solid material, in particular profiles and tubes of all grades. A saw blade change for different cutting tasks is usually not necessary.