Fives Group has announced two Chinese steel contracts for its Bronx straightening machines.

The first contract for Baoshan Iron and Steel, a global industrial engineering group, involves the supply of a customised Bronx straightener for the company's seamless mill in Shanghai.

The second contract is for Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals for two Bronx straighteners for the company's Huzhou facility in eastern China.

At Baoshan Iron and Steel Company, a subsidiary of China Baowu Steel Group, the new Bronx hot pipe straightening machine will replace an older straightener supplied in 1992. According to Fives, the new equipment will be the 13th straightener ordered by Baoshan from Fives. The two businesses have enjoyed a 30-year relationship, said Fives.

The new six-roll machine is designed to straighten high-yield and thick-walled seamless tube and pipe products up to 197mm in diameter. Fives claims that the Bronx machine can process plain and upset pipes due to its advanced technical features and will be operational by November.

Cai Fangwei, deputy general manager of Tube, Pipe and Bar Business Unit and director of the equipment & energy department at Baoshan Iron and Steel, said he was 'very satisfied' with Fives' Bronx machines as they offered 'excellent standards of straightening accuracy'.

Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals is a private company specialising in the manufacture of stainless and high alloy piping and tubular products for different industries. The company ordered a Bronx 6-roll and a 10-roll machine to process high yield seamless, thick-walled, large diameter tubular products. Fives said that the equipment is designed 'using utmost technologies to withstand thick-walled stainless tube processing and deliver a high level of productivity and excellent standards of straightness'.

Denny Lee, president of Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals said that his company and Fives had been working together for the past 10 years and praised Fives for always staying on top of its contractual commitments.

Bronx straightening machines have been designed and pre-assembled in England for more than 76 years.