Engineers at Sheffield Forgemasters International, UK have achieved a first by making a massive casting for a giant forging press in one go, instead of three separate pieces

The 256t casting is more than 6.3m (20ft) long and is one of two highly complex castings that Forgemasters has made as part of a €2M contract for German client SMS Meer.

The castings are part of a 12.5kt forging press that the Germans are building for China, where it will be used to make components for heavy trucks. The first and most complicated piece to be cast was originally designed to be made in three parts, but Forgemasters and SMS Meer worked together to come up with a one piece casting.

Forgemasters’ senior sales manager, Mick Holloway, said: “This order was taken on the strength of our expertise in making large-scale castings and the excellent relationship we have with SMS Meer.
“To cast components of this complexity takes an enormous amount of preparation and innovation.”