BSE has launched its new training academy.

The BSE academy is for people in the steel industry and will provide four areas of training: seminars, open courses, customised training and certified programmes.

Courses will start in the first week of October this year and will focus on specific topics. The first course will be titled Preventative Maintenance in an EAF. Other courses later in the year are titled Environment Workshop, EAF Electric for Electricians and a safety Workshop.

Topics planned for 2011 include EAF Production & Maintenance, High Level Electrics, Hydraulic Refresher, Crash Course for Shift Leader, and Rolling Equipment and Maintenance.

BSE senior vice president Ralf Morgenthaler made the announcement at last week’s BSE symposium in Schluchsee, Germany. He said the company had decided to enlarge its services in this area because many operators of capital intensive steel equipment have adequate basic experience in the steel industry. The main target is to provide operators, supervisors and managers with hands-on training for their jobs or to improve their skill levels in their present jobs.

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