A range of bright finish slicklines has been launched by Sandvik Materials Technology, which complements its wireline range.

Tests show the product provides fatigue resistance by over 15%. This results in fewer lines having to be replaced and operational cost savings. The lower friction means savings can also be made on spooling and installation costs.

The smooth surface of the slicklines reduces microscopic pores, which can lead to pitting, especially on the section of the line exposed to harsh conditions over prolonged periods.

The finish also reduces friction in the stuffing box, which is often a contributing factor to the occurrence of wire wool. This phenomenon can cause difficulties for operators.

The bright drawing process almost entirely avoids fissures reducing the risk of fatigue, which in time, can cause a line to fail. As part of the development process, the bright lines were subjected to extensive Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT) found to be higher in bright lines than traditional lines.