ArcelorMittal Florange has started test runs at its new galvanizing line in Sainte-Agathe, France. The line will be used to coat Usibor®, a press-hardened boron steel used in automotive applications.

The coating is an aluminium-silicon alloy developed in 1998.

Demand for the AlSi coated Usibor is expected to grow by 250% by 2016 given the rapid increase in demand for high strength steels from car makers worldwide.
ArcelorMittal has a global market share in the automotive market of 18%, and 47% in Europe.

The manganese – boron alloyed steel is hot pressed and the Mn-B content improves quenchability during hot stamping. The steel is used mainly in structural and safety applications, including front and rear bumper beams, door reinforcements, windscreen upright reinforcements, B-pillar reinforcements and floor and roof reinforcements.

Usibor® 1500P provides high fatigue and impact resistance, good hot formability with no spring-back, excellent corrosion resistance, enables substantial thickness and therefore weight reduction and can significantly decrease the cost of manufacturing the body of a car.