The world's biggest steelmaker, ArcelorMittal, has introduced Steligence, a new steel concept specifically designed to offer 'the best in class steel solutions' for the construction industry.

Steligence was launched by ArcelorMittal Europe in June last year and is claimed to introduce 'a truly integrated approach to the construction process for the first time'. The product was developed as a one-stop shop with a team of world-class experts and is claimed to offer 'a comprehensive portfolio featuring a proprietary suite of 13 patented steel products for construction, categorised by flooring, beams, sections, interiors and facades'.

Steligence, says ArcelorMittal, also provides architects and planners with the tools and knowledge for assessing the complete lifecycle of their future buildings including recyclability and ultimately the reusability of a structure and its components at an early stage within the planning process.

Olivier Vassart, CEO of Steligence, commented: “With Steligence we are demonstrating that using the best available technology in steel production, and the modular application of steel components in buildings, makes it possible to achieve efficiency gains in the planning, design, construction costs and flexibility of buildings compared to conventional construction materials.

“The goal for Steligence is to become the market-leading, go-to solution for all parties involved in the building process – creating a platform that can be easily integrated into any construction project from the start. Ultimately, we want to drive the construction agenda forward with the smarter use and application of steel in buildings, break down common misconceptions and demonstrate to architects, engineers and developers that steel can be the best solution.

“Our research has shown that a 10-storey building using Steligence compared to where the main components are concrete, can be built up to twice as fast resulting in construction cost savings of up to 24%, compared to the same building. On a financial level, speedier construction also means buildings can be operational sooner, thereby providing a quicker return of investment (rental income) for developers and investors.”

According to ArcelorMittal Europe, the Steligence product portfolio includes innovative steels such as Histar, characterised by its higher strength, so it saves on weight and fabrication costs, and since they are readily available, they can be used quickly and efficiently, it is claimed. High-strength steel grades are already used as standard in skyscrapers in the UK.

Cofraplus 220 is claimed to guarantee maximum flexibility using wings or connectors and brings with it the advantages of continuous slab design. Angelina is described as 'a new generation of castellated beams for sustainable structures'. These beams are lightweight, long-spanning, structural elements enabling the design of vast column-free spaces.

For façade solutions, Granite Silky Shine is among the various possibilities Steligence® offers, with a pre-painted steel used and a high-gloss skin that has been developed to enable scratch-resistance and self-cleaning.