China’s Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corp called for a fair market environment after 50 congressmen sought to block its investment in a US steel company.

In a recent letter to US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the Congressmen said the joint rebar venture proposed by Anshan Iron and Steel and US’s Steel Development Co threatened American jobs and national security.

In a statement, the steel mill said its investments in the US and other regions were commercial acts based upon market demands and also attempts at international cooperation.

The steel bars produced at the $175M facility, in which Anshan Iron and Steel has a 14% stake, would mainly substitute imports, it said.

The 300kt/y plant in Amory, Mississippi would create jobs and increase tax revenues and would not harm local suppliers, it said.

“We chose the US because it has a perfect law system,” Anshan said. “We believe the US has given, and will continue to give, all businesses that respect local laws and customs the same market environment.”