Russia, Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, Sweden are set to benefit from a boom in demand for natural resources, as China looks willing to purchase all the iron ore that they can offer, according to natural resources experts GBI Research.

The new report states that the Ukraine and Russia are set to become export giants, as their huge resources match geographical needs.

The European ore region, represented by Russia, the Ukraine and Sweden, is the second leading producer of iron ore in the world after Asia-Pacific. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), Europe has vast iron ore reserves, the second largest in the world after the Asia-Pacific region, and a total 58.5bnt as of the end of 2010. The majority of the reserves are located in Russia and the Ukraine, which together accounted for approximately 94% of the total region’s reserves.

Many active mining companies are planning to take advantage of Russian and the Ukraine’s abundant reserves, and with demand for crude steel set to increase both in and outside the region, production will propel iron ore mining in the region to become a giant industry.

The majority of the region’s iron ore production is exported to China, with Russia and Ukraine exporting 32% and 49% of the total production respectively in 2010. This is in part due to the proximity of these countries to one another, which decreases transportation costs. As China is the largest global consumer of iron ore, the share held by Russia, the Ukraine and Sweden within total European iron ore export levels is expected to increase further during the forecast period.

The report, ‘Iron Ore Mining Market in Europe to 2020 - Abundant Reserves and Global Demand for Steel Likely to Drive Production’ provides key information and analysis of the European iron ore mining industry (Russia, Ukraine and Sweden). It covers the industry’s drivers and restraints, production, reserves, consumption and details of country’s trade (imports and exports).

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