Abinsk Electric Steel Works in the Krasnodar Region, Russia, has placed an order with SMS Meer of Germany, to upgrade its high-speed rebar rolling mill with two new roughing stands.

This will enable Abinsk to roll larger square billets than to date so enhancing the company’s competitiveness on the local market.

Up to now, Abinsk has fed its rolling mill with 130mm square billets purchased from other suppliers. The two new roughing stands from SMS Meer will extend the range to 150mm square billets which will be produced in Abinsk’s own new steel plant.

Furthermore, the two new stands will increase the rolling mill’s productivity by 2 to 3% when producing 8-10mm rebars.

With this investment Abinsk intends to become the leading iron and steel producer in the Krasnodar Region, increase its production volume and extend its product range.

Abinsk’s high-speed rebar rolling mill was supplied and commissioned by SMS Meer in 2011. It operates with a rolling speed of 40m/s and has a capacity of 550kt/y exceeding the agreed nominal capacity by almost 10%.

Commissioning of the new stands is scheduled for April 2013.