A French industrial surface protection company has launched Novacel 4226REN, a protection film for sheet metal.

It reduces laser cutting time and maintains surface integrity throughout the mechanical cycle of forming parts including bending, backing, stamping and forming.

4226REN is a white-on-white film, with a six months outdoor resistance. It is made of anti-UV treated LDPE (low-density polyethylene), with a thickness of 100µm. It has a rubber-based adhesive with a strength of 140cN/cm (AFERA 4001). The film is available in length of 500-1000m so protected sheet metal can be cut in a single run. The film does not peel off and does not form air bubbles during laser-cutting operations. No black marks are left on stainless steel. After processing, the film can be removed in one piece, without blocking or tearing. It features a dedicated print that shows the potential for a single-run sheet metal laser cut, as well as the direction for brushing or polishing.

The film’s specific pattern facilitates handling and a suction process eliminates the risk of taking two sheets at a time. At every stage, the film acts as a protective barrier, preventing scratches or other damage during handling, transport and fitting. The product is free of hazardous material and is recyclable.