Steel Times International Issue
February Digital Issue

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2 Leader

by Matthew Moggridge.

4 News round-up

Nine pages of global steel news.

14 Innovations

Eleven pages of new contracts and products from around the world.

32 Iron ore

Robots boost Vale miners’ safety.

34 USA update

Pundits wary of industry optimism.

36 India update

Moving on up!

38 Decarbonisation

Bringing forward the green


41 Stainless and special steels

Winds of change

46 Westminster conference

Fairness over all.

50 Digitalisation

Accurate data is crucial.

54 Africa

A history of corruption proves hard to escape in Zimbabwe.

56 Perspectives Q&A: Canvass

There are many reasons to use Al.

60 History

‘For Sale’ – Langley Mill Iron & Steel Works by Dr. Tim Smith