Sandeep Pandya, Chief Executive Officer at


Sandeep Pandya is CEO of leading the way in the incorporation of wearables with computer vision, machine learning, and AI to make the world’s industrial environments safer and more sustainable. Formed in 2019, stemmed from Pandya’s belief that the world is experiencing a technological renaissance, and that the nexus of AI, digital connectivity, and information sharing will fundamentally reshape and improve the way people and their communities sustain each other.

Pandya is a technology veteran whose experience spans product introductions and innovations in semiconductors, connected devices, wireless infrastructure, cloud services, and novel AI/CV applications. His leadership has helped organizations of all sizes establish high-growth markets globally.

Sandeep Pandya recently wrote and published The ESG Revolution: How Worker-Centric AI is Transforming Industrial Sustainability that helps leaders reshape the way they think about ESG and provides the tools needed to transform their companies.


Worker-Centric AI™: The Industrial Sustainability Revolution is Here

In the early 1900s, coal miners brought canaries down into the mines with them to act as a barometer for the health of the environment. The canaries, being much smaller and sensitive to the atmosphere, were more susceptible to toxic gases like carbon monoxide. Requiring immense quantities of oxygen to enable them to fly, a canary’s anatomy allows them to get a gulp of air when they inhale and another when they exhale while holding it in extra air sacs. The double dose of air would cause the canary to show signs of distress when exposed to toxins long before humans realized the danger. These early warning signs allowed miners to escape safely.

Worker-Centric AI™ is the modern-day canary in the mine and it’s changing the way heavy industry approaches worker safety, health, and welfare. Worker-Centric AI combines technologies and sensors that act much like the small canary's acute senses, continuously scanning the environment for any signs of danger. When a hazard is detected, like the canary, the technology immediately notifies the worker so that they can remedy the threat and prevent injury. Worker-Centric AI has the power to revolutionize safety in steelmaking.

In this presentation, we’ll cover:

  1. Understanding Worker-Centric AI™
  2. How Worker-Centric AI helps safety programs shift to a proactive approach
  3. The most critical use cases where Worker-Centric AI™ can impact safety in steelmaking