Christopher Zinn, Enterprise solution architect at Bently Nevada

Christopher Zinn has a background in electrical design and IT/network infrastructure and over 11 years of experience with Bently Nevada, a Baker Hughes business. He joined the company as a Field Services Engineer (F&I) and began teaching System 1, and later moved to the Machinery Diagnostics (MDS) team. He then brought his in-house expertise to the Bently Nevada’s Supporting Services team where he worked with one of the company’s key offshore customers before finally taking on the Enterprise Solution Architect (ESA) role. As an ESA he focused on supporting enterprise software solutions and analytics using first principle physics models and AI.

The Promise of AI Versus the Reality of AI Today

This presentation discusses “The Promise of AI versus the Reality of AI today”. With Article Intelligence becoming more present in our everyday, we will discuss what AI is and the promise of AI in our industry. Then we break down the difference between what a traditional algorithm is versus AI. We further discuss what can current software and algorithms offer and what can AI do that traditional solutions can’t.

To conclude the presentation, we will go over what AI can do today and what does tomorrow look like.