Boris Voskresenskii, Arcadia Steel


Boris is a founder of Arcadia Steel and ex-CDO of one of the leading Russian steel companies. He and a part of his team left Russia and quit their jobs because of their position on the Russian-Ukraine war.

Boris joined the Russian steel company in 2017 as Head of Data Science and he became CDO in 2020. He is also a Kaggle Competition Master since 2018. Before that Boris worked in Data Science in a bank and was a Head of Risk Management Department in a factoring company.


Data science and big data tools for a steel factory: models and a technology stack.

There are many examples of effective data science solutions in the steel industry. But we are far away from a widespread adaptation of this technology. And for this task, it is essential to share modern tools from data science and big data approaches in the professional community.

This presentation will review tools (models and technology stack) with practical cases from the steel industry.