Boris Voskresenskii

CDO At Severstal


CEO At Severstal Digital


Boris was previously responsible for risk management at National Factoring Company and worked as a data scientist in the Centre of application data at Sberbank. In 2017 Boris joined Severstal as head of data science and in 2020 he became head of Severstal Digital. Since 2018, he is also a Kaggle Competition Master.


How a Russian steel major applies digital solutions to boost productivity, improve product quality and reduce emissions.

As technology advances, the global steel industry is constantly innovating to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce emissions and improve safety– and Russian producers are at the head of the curve in applying digital solutions.

By implementing data science solutions in its business, in 2020 Severstal, a major vertically-integrated steel producer, produced over 150 000 tonnes of additional finished products and delivered $18.9m in additional profits, up from $9.5m in 2019 (a 98.9% increase). Boris Voskresenskii, Chief Digital Officer of Severstal and CEO of Severstal Digital, describes the ways the steelmaker is using artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced computer vision to strengthen a competitive advantage, decrease production time and improve its product offerings.