Rolando Paolone


Danieli MIDA Hybrid minimills, a true sustainable green steel production
Energy saving and low CO2 emission solutions

Competitiveness over traditional process is achieved by the implementation of the processes across the whole cycle, from DRI and scrap through finished added-value quality long and flat products.

Energy savings are assured starting from by direct continuous charge of metallics in the Digimelter – the Danieli digital melting unit. DRI is produced by Energiron plants which are natively designed to use also hydrogen as reducing gas. Scrap is it treated and managed in a smart way thus improving the efficiency of the melting process.

Patented Danieli Universal Endless, endless casting-rolling process, is applied to both flat (QSP-DUE®) and long products (QLP-DUE®).

They extraordinary performances of Dysencaster® and Octocaster® casting technologies allow the production of quality final products in a wide range of steel grades and sizes.

The absence of reheating furnace in the QLP-DUE® process makes it possible to generate zero NOx, SOx and CO2 direct emissions during casting-rolling.

Thanks to Q-One electrical feeder, Digimelter melting unit can be powered by renewable energies.


He joined Danieli in 1985 as draftsman in the Long Product Hot Rolling Mills Division (Danieli Morgardshammar).
On 1989 he was in charged for the position of Design Office Team Leader.
He was appointed as Design Office Manager for the Rolling Mills Finishing Area on 1994.
Effective from 2001, he becomes the Technical Director for the Hot Rolling Mill Division for Long Products.
On 2006 he lead the Process & Technological Dept of Hot Rolling Mill Division for Long Products.
From 2009 he took the Responsibility of the Hot Rolling Mill Division as Executive Vice President Technology.
From 2010 the product portfolio of the Division included also Rails and Heavy Section.
On 2014 he has been appointed as Co-Director of the CRD (Center of Research @ Danieli).
Effective on 2018 he is the CTO of the DANIELI Group and Member of the Group Executive Board.