Cristiano Tercelli

Head of Technology and Innovation at Primetals Technologies

Abstract: Crafted Scrap - Advanced Technology for High Quality Green Steel Production

Introducing ‘crafted scrap’—how steel producers can increase scrap use, decrease CO2 emissions, and increase energy efficiency while consistently producing high-quality steel. Crafted scrap is a meltshop-controlled scrap preparation system combining hardware and software solutions consisting of E&A and mechanical elements, allowing for the ideal scrap mix and setting the new standard for scrap sorting, cleaning, and preparation for steel producers. Currently, scrap deliveries contain large amounts of impurities and contaminants, which increase the creation of slag, reduce energy efficiency, and affect the production of high-quality steel. Steel producers are forced to compensate for the contaminants in scrap through virgin materials to reach their goals for specific steel grades. Additionally, scrap charging, dependent on human sight and experience with limited support from automation systems, is common practice in the steel industry.

Combine these challenges with the global climate crisis and demand on the steel industry to reduce CO2 emissions, the time for steel producers to be able to rely on scrap and its automated handling to produce high-quality steel is now. In this presentation, SICON and Primetals Technologies present their work to create a digital scrap yard and how finding synergies between the technologies both partners provide leads to crafted scrap, allowing for high-quality steel production and transparent scrap use.


Christiano Tercelli is the head of technology and innovation at Primetals Technologies. With 25 years of experience in the steel industry, Tercelli has planned, sold, commissioned, and transformed innovative steelmaking equipment.

Currently, he is responsible for developing new products in electric steelmaking and long rolling at Primetals Technologies. His goal is to support the production of high-quality steel with the best available technologies.