Peter Samuelsson
Independent Advisor
Royal Institute of Technology


FerroSilva – fossil-free DRI by using biogenic reduction gas by Peter Samuelsson, independent advisor, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

The world-leading Swedish special steel industry, which is based on recycling of ferrous scrap, and with very low emissions of carbon dioxide, needs to secure environmentally good alternatives for its supply of iron raw materials. The FerroSilva project has the potential to solve the possible deficit of high-quality scrap that can be caused by shutdowns of blast furnaces and the transition to scrap-based steel production, by fossil-free manufactured DRI made from iron ore and gasified biomass.
The FerroSilva process is an innovative solution for producing a fossil-free iron raw material using iron ore pellets and biomass from forestry and agriculture. Furthermore, the benefit for the society at large lies in the possibility of creating a carbon sink, i.e negative emissions of carbon dioxide, which is achieved with the use of biogenic carbon combined with carbon dioxide sequestration. The captured carbon dioxide can then be permanently stored underground or used as a raw material for the chemical industry.


Peter Samuelsson is presently active as independent advisor, providing advice on strategy and management of R&D, technology and industrial production. Samuelsson is affiliated at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he is active within the field of Production Technology – Metallurgical Industry.

Samuelsson has been active in the industry for some 30 years and has held various senior management positions in the Swedish steel industry. He was previously CTO and Vice President of AB Sandvik Materials Technology. Prior to joining Sandvik Samuelsson was Senior Vice President R&D Outokumpu Oyj Group. He has previously held various business, production and logistics management positions within Outokumpu. Prior to joining Outokumpu he worked for companies in the steel and equipment supplier industries. Peter Samuelsson holds a M.Sc. degree in Metallurgy and Materials Science and a Tekn. Dr. degree in Metallurgical Process Science, both from KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.