Mihir Vora

Principal Analyst, Steel and Raw Material Markets at Wood Mackenzie

Abstract: Steel and Iron Ore’s decarbonization roadmap in a 2050 net-zero scenario.

This presentation will discuss:

  • Global steel market outlook – Broad level outlook on steel demand. Alteration of supply landscape and its implication on metallics and raw materials demand.
  • Roadmap to decarbonizing steel to achieve a net-zero emission target by 2050 - emission trajectory till 2050, new technology penetration, energy efficiency measures, impact on steel intensities, regional characterization, and carbon abatement costs.
  • Role of iron ore in decarbonizing steel – product mix change, availability of high-grade ore, new epicentres of supply, carbon abatement costs.


Mihir has over 11 years of experience tracking bulk commodities such as steel, iron ore and coking coal. Mihir is a principal analyst covering steel and iron ore markets for East Asia (excl. China), Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. His responsibilities are focused on developing short- and long-term outlooks on demand, supply, price and investment.

Mihir is passionate about the impact of the energy transition on bulk commodities. He leads the steel decarbonization analysis, which comprises developing net-zero scenario outlooks, investment forecasts and carbon abatement curves to achieve climate goals.