EUROFER welcomes European green steel plan

EUROFER welcomes hydrogen strategy

8th July, 2020

The European steel industry has welcomed the launch of the European Commission's Hydrogen Strategy for a Climate-Neutral Europe’, which sets out a plan to establish an integrated hydrogen energy network in Europe by 2050.

New digital powerhouse formed

New digital powerhouse formed

2nd July, 2020

German plant builder SMS group has acquired two Brazil-based companies, joined them together and renamed the business Vetta Tecnologia SA.

USMCA day dawns

USMCA day dawns

1st July, 2020

1 July will go down in history as the day when the much-discussed USMCA went into effect. It is for those who have been living in a cave, the agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada that supersedes NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, which came into force back in the early nineties. Some people refer to the USMCA as NAFTA 2.0.

Latest issue: May-June 2020

May-June 2020

Men go and come, but earth abidesEcclesiastes, 1,4*

I’ve never seen Contagion and I don’t intend to watch it now, purely because I’m living it, like most people on the planet. However, this morning, on a level so miniscule it’s probably not worth talking about, I started to think about how civilisation can slowly vanish, if we’re not careful, and there are signs of this everywhere at present. My tiny little example is that my lawnmower gave up the ghost over the weekend and there’s nobody around to fix it, meaning that my lawn will grow uncontrollably until I get it fixed or buy a new one. Currently, as I look out on the garden, it’s as if the grass has been given a radical haircut, but if weeks or months go by, it’ll start looking like a…