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May/June 2020


Structural steels: Long product rolling: I&H beams, LWT (welded) tube; piling; floor beams; composite flooring. Also a look at the global structural steel marketplace.Reheat; heat treatment; continuous annealing; furnace control; burners; emissions.

Process control: Level 0-4; PLCs; scheduling; software models; hardware.

Automotive steels: Who is winning the battle for the automotive industry - steel or aluminium?
Are advanced high strength steels (AHSS) enough to meet stringent emissions reduction limits inthe USA and in Europe? We talk to the major players.

Conference/Expo report: EuroCoke 2019, Netherlands

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Editorial: 02/04/2020
Advertising: 01/05/2020

July/August 2020


Steel Processing: Service centre equipment, eg slitters; cut-to-length; pickling; levellers; toll services.

Oxygen steelmaking: Basic oxygen steelmaking plant, on-line analysis; ferro alloys, scrap secondary metallurgy, pre-treatments, eg de-sulphurisation and phosphorus removal.

Reputation management: Is the steel industry doing enough to maintain its global reputation? We examine the plus points of an industry often criticised over emissions and the environment and look at why steel has been described as ‘the fabric of life’.

Lubrication & Hydraulics: Greases, oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and systems, condition monitoring, oil reclamation and refining, lubrication and hydraulics bearing technologies.

DIGITAL ISSUE: Innovations: New products on the market

Conference/Expo report: AISTech 2020, Pittsburgh

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Editorial: 04/06/2020
: 20/06/2020

September 2020


Rolling: Flat and long rolling: mills; shape control; rolls.

Special and stainless steels: Tool, high alloy; wear resistant; stainless steel; powder met; ferro alloys

Conference/Expo report: Steel Success Strategies.

Russian Language Edition

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Editorial: 01/08/2020
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October 2020


Ironmaking: Blast furnace; direct reduction shaft; DR rotary; direct smelting; control; charge; sinter lines; emission control; energy; tuyere injectants.

Steel markets: Steel is in competition with aluminium, timber and composites in many markets, but a Life Cycle Analysis reveals its superior environmental credentials in many applications such as construction, transport and packaging as well as its ability to meet the mechanical, thermal, volume and financial requirements of today’s world.

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Editorial: 03/09/2020
Advertising: 26/09/2020

November/December 2020


Minimills: EAF-based long and thin slab caster mills; continuous casting; rolling; scrap, DRI & pig charging; control.

Handling and scheduling: Ladle and slab carriers, identification; bundling and strapping; forklifts; crane systems, mobile equipment and transportation systems, scheduling software.

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Editorial: 01/10/2020
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