The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has launched a global campaign designed to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of steel beverage cans and to remind packaging producers is an attractive alternative to other packaging materials – a moot point when one considers the furore over single-use plastics in retail packaging and the adverse effects of plastics on the environment.

To kick off the campaign, worldsteel has developed a new website, inviting the world to choose steel and reminding those who log on that the recycling revolution is here. There is a photograph of a steel can complete with condensation running down its sides, and plenty of information about the benefits of steel cans. They are, claims worldsteel, ‘ideally suited as containers for beverages’ because they are easy to cool and ‘great for keeping the contents fresh and prevent breakages when on the go’.

Steel cans, claims worldsteel, can be recycled ‘again and again’ either as different products ‘or even another steel can’.

The votesteel website lists five points as to why steel is the perfect packaging material, how steel is the most recycled material on the planet, how steel cans can be placed directly in furnaces and melted down, and how steel can are now 30% thinner than they were in the eighties and more flexible in terms of design possibilities. Lastly the site asks consumers to look out for steel beverage cans and the special magnet logo, which indicates if a beverage can is made of steel.

Worldsteel wants to encourage the use of steel for making beverage cans and asks visitors to the website to let manufacturers and packaging companies know that they would like to see more steel beverage cans on the supermarket shelves.

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